Women In the Church 

From the beginning of the Women in the Church (WIC) organization, the emphasis has been upon strengthening the spiritual lives of women. The women choose officers and plan a yearly retreat with special music, a guest speaker, and other activities. WIC also appoints a church hostess to coordinate meals and outreach to new mothers and wives. WIC conferences and retreats are open to all women. WIC also plans other activities to minister to all members of the church body. The members of Women In the Church strive to walk closely with the Lord so that nothing will obscure His light from shining through. 


Circles are designed to provide the women of the church personal fellowship with their sisters in Christ. In circles, participants study the Bible together and discuss its meaning for women in today’s world. They also serve together to meet the needs of those in the community. The Circles highest service is to help persons within the fellowship of the church to become aware of the power of Christ, to create a redeeming fellowship that gives support to people in all of life’s experiences, and to help people outside of the membership of GPC to come to know and accept Christ and desire the fellowship of His church.