A decision to start a new church in Greenwood was reached by the Session at Rock Presbyterian Church on January 3, 1993. This decision, like many growing experiences, was not easy, but the Lord protects and guides His children today as He did Israel in the desert. The next two weeks focused on seeking God’s direction for what He wanted this new church to be. Five items were presented. The new church would be:

      1. A Reformed Church
      2. A Presbyterian Church
      3. A Catholic Church, i.e. learn to cooperate with other area churches
      4. An Evangelical Church
      5. A Prophetic Church, i.e. getting involved in community actions and projects.

God truly was already blessing His new work in that 75 people attended the first worship service on January 24.

The newly named "Greenwood Presbyterian Mission" began meeting at Cambridge Academy with Pastor Curt Rabe leading the services. On March 7, 1993, the congregation voted to name the new church "Greenwood Presbyterian Church". The name has great significance in that it states who we are, where we are, what we are and the initials GPC also point to our mission which is "Guiding People to Christ."

Greenwood Presbyterian Church held its first missions conference on March 20th and 21st, even before becoming an organized and constituted member of the Presbyterian Church in America. The church officially joined the Calvary Presbytery on March 28th, 1993.

Many organizational activities were completed soon after the church became official: WIC (Women In the Church), choirs, a building committee, and an Outreach Team to name a few.

On July 15, 1994, a contract to purchase land for a new church building was completed and on October 30, 1994, over 100 members of GPC and friends joined in fellowship to dedicate the property to the Lord.

By August of 1995, the fundraising campaign called G.U.A.B. (Go Up And Build) held a groundbreaking ceremony on the church property. On March 10, 1996, the new facility was dedicated to the Lord. The Elders read Psalm 100, Psalm 84:1-4,10, Psalm 122 and Psalm 24. GPC was now in its new home that the Lord had provided.

Curt Rabe served as pastor at GPC through June of 1999. After an extensive search, GPC called Archie Moore to shepherd the GPC flock. In November of 1999, Archie Moore was installed as our pastor and the Lord has continued to bless GPC through the love, teaching, wisdom, and prayer of Pastor Moore.

Greenwood Presbyterian Church continues to serve and worship from 1414 Calhoun Road in Greenwood. We seek to minister to our community through Good News Club, Vacation Bible School, College Luncheons, Men's Prayer breakfasts, Women In the Church, and by joining other churches via Greenwood Cooperative Ministries.